Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Color Contact Lenses – your options

Very few people are actually satisfied with their appearance. Some will go to great lengths to achieve a look that they consider acceptable. If you wear contacts and you’re interested in changing your appearance but you want to use a subtle approach, you may want to consider color contact lenses. You can choose from a variety of natural colors including blue, hazel, and green. There are numerous types of these lenses available that vary in the amount of tint used to create the lenses. If you have trouble seeing your contacts during insertion, for example and you don’t want to actually change the color of your eyes but you just want to be able to see your contacts better, then contacts with a light tint would work better for you.

Color contact lenses aren’t just for people who require corrective lenses. There are just as many types of non-prescription contacts that can alter and/or enhance your eyes available. Of course you should obtain assistance from an eyewear professional so that the contacts fit securely on your eyes, and also to obtain important information regarding the use and care of the lenses. Color contact lenses are becoming more common for athletes interested in improving their skill. Race car drivers, for example, can benefit from color contact lenses with an amber tint because they can filter out shadows that can interfere with the driver’s vision.

Have you ever noticed someone’s eyes that you were certain were not their own color? One of the issues associated with wearing color contact lenses is buying a set that complements your natural eye and skin color. If your skin and eyes are naturally light, you have the good fortune of being able to wear just about any type of colored lenses. People with dark eyes and/or skin are best suited with opaque lenses. Instead of covering the eye with a solid color, opaque color contact lenses actually complement the natural color of the eye using a pattern of several different color blends for a more natural look. If your eyes are somewhere in the middle or you want to try a color in contrast to your eye, you could contact an eye specialist to discuss your options or consider buying disposable color contacts to try out different looks cheaply.

For a special party look or just to be different, crazy contact lenses and special effect contact lenses are fun and will always attract attention. They’re not just for Halloween!

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