Monday, April 25, 2005

Was this your question? - Weight Loss Magic 6

Welcome to Day 6 of Weight Loss Magic. Weight Loss Magic is a simple step-by-step 30 day program that makes losing weight easy! In Just 5 Minutes A Day you will find the answers to your Weight Loss questions and be on your way to permanent, healthy weight loss!


Wow, there really were a lot of questions from yesterday, because they're still flowing in. We're working our way through them and I promise we will answer every one as soon as we can. We try to answer all the questions we receive in 45 minutes or less, but when there are a lot it can take a little longer. So, please bear with us and I promise that we will answer each and every question you've asked.

Because of all your questions, we we'll wait till tomorrow to introduce any new ideas so that everyone can catch up. Also, to help answer some of your questions more quickly, we've put some of the most common ones on the web site in a FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions page.

It may save you some time to check and see if your question's there. This page keeps getting longer and longer so don't feel like you have to read it all at once! And keep checking back as we keep the page updated.

Losing weight is really very simple. The most important thing is to GET STARTED :) You have your target weight and the number of pounds you want to lose, your daily weight loss chart, your food journal of the foods that you are currently eating, and the Weight Loss Magic Program. Compare your current foods you are eating to those in the Healthy Lifestyle list and start to make the changes gradually.

A lot of you have asked about which product to start with, so we have made the choice simple and easy by putting together a SPECIAL DEAL with a 30 Day supply of the entire program at a special price.

Also, some of you have asked some questions about shipping. We ship the same day when possible, so you should get the program within a few days so you will not fall behind in taking your Magic Steps!

We've had some questions about how safe our products are. All of our products are 100% natural dietary supplements, they are substances found in food, totally natural. There are no dangerous drugs or stimulants, like Ephedra which has made the news recently, and which can do more harm than good.

MAgic Tip - The most important step in losing weight is the FIRST STEP.

START THE PROGRAM TODAY! All the questions will be answered in time whether you start today or not, so START TODAY and by this time next week you could be enjoying the feeling of being several pounds lighter.

For more details about our Weight Loss products and how they each work, just go to and click on the pictures of each product or on the product names in the list on the left.

Remember, losing weight is simple and easy, just follow the Weight Loss Magic Program, step by step, and you will start to lose. This program works because so many have lost weight using these simple day to day 5 minute steps, and YOU WILL TOO!

See you tomorrow :)

Dr Jeff St Paul
Weight Loss in 5 minutes a day - it's Magic!

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