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Weight Loss FAQ

How to Burn Fat and Lose Weight FAST with Metabo & Lipotropics

How do your weight loss and fat burning products work?

All of our products are designed to stimulate the body to burn fat through the body's own lipotropic mechanism. Because everyone has a different metabolism, the formulations are slightly different, and some formulations work better for each individual. Also, weight loss tends to reach a plateau at various stages where a slightly different formula helps to overcome this. You may take the products individually or in combination as they work well together.

Is it better to take the products individually or in combination?

There is no one answer here that is right for everyone. It depends on how much weight you want to lose and how fast you want to lose it. Many factors affect individual results on weight control programs, such as age, sex, body weight, desired weight loss etc. etc., and we obviously don't know your individual circumstances. For example, losing 15 pounds may be quicker and easier for someone who wants to lose 150 pounds than for someone who just wants to lose 15.

Do you have any set programs/combinations of products that work best together?

All the products work very well both individually and in combination, and we've found that people get really excellent results by using a combination of products, as each product works differently. For example, Fat Absorber will bind to the fat in your food, so is a good choice if you tend to eat higher-fat foods, while Fat Burner helps control your appetite while helping to increase your fat-burning capacity and speeding up your metabolism. Many people do well using these two products together.

Another useful combination of 3 products is using Metabo Ultra-Max, Fat Burner, and Fat Absorber by taking Fat Burner before breakfast, Metabo before lunch, and Fat Absorber before dinner and any high fat content meal. All three stimulate the Lipotropic mechanism and you can order any combination of these in a five-pack for free shipping. It's really more cost effective to order a few months' supply by ordering several bottles at once.

Dr Jeff St Paul

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