Friday, April 22, 2005

If it's not about dieting, what is it? - Weight Loss Magic 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Weight Loss Magic. Weight Loss Magic is a simple step-by-step 30 day program that makes losing weight easy! In Just 5 Minutes A Day you will find the answers to your Weight Loss questions and be on your way to permanent, healthy weight loss!


We have a very easy project for today. What is most surprising is that even though todays's project is very, very, very simple and easy, many of our members have told us that for them, it was the most important step that they made in the beginning. Some members mentioned that they had been "dieting" for years and never did this before, and that it was a very eye-opening experience, and one that really got them on the road to successful weight loss. Oh, and, did I mention that it is absolutely FREE? :)

Magic Tip - In weight loss, sometimes the most simple things can have big effects.

Ok, today's assignment is just to write down on a piece of paper everything you eat and drink in a day, including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and Snacks. But put EVERYTHING in there. Right after you eat or drink something, write it down. This is just for today, and will not be a daily task, I promise. This is just a simple list of everything you eat during the day, and don't forget to include drinks. And remember, this is just for you, no one else has to see it :)

The Daily Food Journal

If you want to print out a convenient form, we have one available here. Just go to our Daily Food Journal and print out the page and you can enter the foods you eat in the spaces.


MAGIC TIP - DON'T DIET. Diets don't work!

Of course, overeating is not good either, and this exercise will help you to see if your food intake is out of balance. We do recommend eating a balanced diet, as that is important to the program.

The Weight Loss Magic Program is based on KICK STARTING the body's metabolism back up to normal or optimum levels to start the body's own weight loss and fat burning mechanisms working.

This is without dieting or exercise. That is why it is so simple and easy, and why it works.

The Weight Loss Magic program is absolutely the fastest, easiest, safest and most economical way to kick start your metabolism and block fat absorption, without starvation diets and strenuous exercise, lowering cholesterol by reducing metabolized fats ... it's all automatic!

Tomorrow we will start to show you how to use all of this information we have been collecting.

See you then :)

Dr Jeff St Paul

Weight Loss in 5 minutes a day - it's Magic!

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