Monday, May 02, 2005

The Truth about Fat Burner Programs

"How to Use your Body's Natural Ability to Lose Weight Fast Without Extreme Dieting!"

Compatible with all diet programs - Atkins Diet, Low Carb Diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet etc.

There are so many different weight loss and fat burner programs out there, it can be frustrating and overwhelming trying to find one that suits you. Maybe you're like many of us, trying a different fat burner method each week or month and never staying with one long enough to see any change. Or maybe you have some success with one of the popular fat burner programs such as the Atkins diet or another low carb diet, only to find that you've put back all the weight you lost - and more! - within a few months when you return to "normal" eating.

I know .. you've tried every diet going, gone to every meeting within a 50 mile radius, bought every book and magazine that promised you'd "lose 10 pounds this weekend" or "drop a dress size in 5 days". You've cut out everything that even looks like a carb, been in and out of more zones than you want to remember, counted fat units, calories and points (and sometimes all at the same time) ...

The problem isn't all the diets you've tried. The problem is - YOU'RE STILL FAT!

Well, we don't believe in "diets" and we don't think that fat burner programs should be something you "start" for a few weeks or months and then "stop" again. What we're all looking for is a way to stop fighting our weight and our bodies, and get - and keep - a healthy, attractive, toned body without starving or giving up the foods we enjoy or counting calories, grams or points. In other words, we want to work WITH our bodies and Nature, not against them!

We're fatter now than we've ever been because technology has given us a greater choice of high fat, high sugar foods and working lives that generally don't require hard physical work. Technology may have caused our problems, but it can also solve them. There ARE fat burner programs that support us in our desire to look and feel wonderful whether we want to follow a low carbohydrate diet, a Weight Watchers diet or no diet at all, and we regularly spotlight one of them here.

So what's different about Weight Loss Magic?

Its proprietary formulation HELPS YOU TO BURN FAT safely
It doesn't contain ma huang or ephedra (ephedrine), which can make your heart race and give you nervous, jittery feelings
It helps you to CONTROL YOUR APPETITE, while supporting your liver in its FAT BURNING function and BLOCKING a percentage of the FAT in your diet

In other words ...


This month, we've combined 2 of our most popular products with a brand new one, to bring you the Weight Loss Magic Fat Burner Program, available exclusively from our website

Dr Jeff St Paul

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