Sunday, April 24, 2005

Start Melting Those Pounds - Weight Loss Magic 5

Welcome back to Weight Loss Magic, Day 5. Weight Loss Magic is a simple step-by-step 30 day program that makes losing weight easy! In Just 5 Minutes A Day you will find the answers to your Weight Loss questions and be on your way to permanent, healthy weight loss!


This is day 5, the end of the week if you started on Monday - If you didn't don't worry about it :) Today we're going to talk about the Weight Loss Magic Program. It's easy; there are just a few simple guidelines to follow to get you started on your weight loss goals. Remember, simple is better when it comes to weight loss.

Now you're ready to start. The safest and easiest way to start losing weight is to use the body's natural Thermogenic and Lipotropic mechanism to restore your metabolism to where it should be to maintain normal weight.

If you've been yo-yo dieting for a while or having trouble getting those pounds to shift, then the Weight Loss Magic program is absolutely the fastest, easiest, safest and most economical way to kick start your metabolism and block fat absorption, without starvation diets and without strenuous exercise - lowering cholesterol by reducing metabolized fats ... and it's all automatic!

Just taking a nutritional supplement with your meals one to three times daily will raise your metabolism and start melting those pounds.

Our Healthy Lifestyle page shows you how to do a few more simple things that will help your body to shed pounds as fast and as safely as possible.

After you have the WLM Program in front of you, for the next week or so we will explain how these few simple but important steps work together to improve your overall health, raise your metabolism, and burn off excess fat.

But don't wait! Get this short list of easy steps and START TODAY!

If you have any questions about getting started, you can contact us live by going to and clicking on the LEAVE A MESSAGE button. This will connect you to a LIVE person when we're available. If we're talking to someone else, you can send us an "off-line" message. We'll answer your questions as soon as we get them, because we want you to get started right away.

Tomorrow we'll deal with some of the most frequently asked questions right here.

Until then ....

Dr Jeff St Paul

Weight Loss in 5 minutes a day - it's Magic!

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